Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Post PSAT Blues

Juniors signed for the PSAT. They paid the fee, they had a good breakfast, and arrived on test day bright and early.
With the PSAT test day all over..... now what?
Beyond waiting for scores, which will not be available for several weeks yet, there are a few things to start considering.
Keeping in mind that the PSAT is a practice test for the SAT, it is time to start thinking about college entrance exams: the SAT and/or the ACT, and, of course, when to take them.
This week I have been visiting junior class morning meetings to talk about factors to consider with regard to these tests. Factors such as test dates and junior year schedules should not be overlooked in this process.
Consider first that the tests themselves cover subjects often taught during the junior year of high school. Thus taking the test too early in the year could put students at a disadvantage. On the other hand, at Vergennes Union High School, as at many high schools, we have a semester-based schedule which allows students to complete some courses by the end of January. With this in mind, juniors who have their only junior year math class during our first semester should consider the idea of taking their SAT or ACT in January or February, so that newly acquired math concepts are fresh. The registration deadline for the January 21 SAT is December 21, 2016. The registration deadline for the February 11 ACT is January 13, 2017.
Whether juniors opt to test in the winter or in the more traditional window of May/June, registration can and should be completed as soon as possible. Doing so is more likely to yield a seat in the test center of their choosing. If students are considering a test date in the spring, they should be aware of other important events that might conflict with a positive testing experience such as spring (sports) playoffs and the prom to name just a few. Test day is a long one and students should not approach the test either tired from the night before or distracted by the anticipation of post-test activities.
To register for the SAT go to - the cost is $45 - don't forget your VUHS code is 460-460.
To register for the ACT - the cost is $42.50 - use the same VUHS code 460-460.

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